Navy buys Bowman

General Dynamics UK recently signed a €94 million contract to supply the Royal Netherlands Navy with a new, secure voice and data communications system.

General Dynamics UK recently signed a €94 million contract with the Royal Netherlands Navy to supply the New Integrated Marines Communications and Information System (NIMCIS).

NIMCIS is a two-year programme to equip the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC) with the BOWMAN C4I system, which is being rolled out to the UK Armed Forces by General Dynamics UK.

NIMCIS will provide the RNLMC with a secure voice and data communications infrastructure capable of supporting a range of network-enabled command, control, communications, computing and intelligence systems.

In addition to a standalone system capability for the Marines, a key feature of NIMCIS will be the interoperability it provides between the Netherlands and UK forces, as allies and as part of the UK/NL Amphibious Force, as well as interoperability with other allied forces. NIMCIS replaces a variety of legacy communications systems within RNLMC.

“The BOWMAN system provides a transformational voice and data capability that will put the Dutch Marines at the leading edge of proven network-enabled battlefield command and control,” said Sandy Wilson, president and managing director of General Dynamics UK.