A dedicated distance learning training package is now available as a Diploma Course in corrosion control.

The Corrodere programme is an on-line education training and resource for the surface treatment and coatings industry. Used worldwide, the course available at can now be taken as a specialist Diploma Course in Corrosion Control with the use of Protective Coatings.

The modular program has been designed to specifically meet the protective coatings requirements of the marine, offshore, construction and maintenance industries.

Included in the course content are core modules on surface preparation, abrasive blast cleaning, paint types and paint application, alongside complementary sections on health and safety requirements and access systems.

All sections are supported with full online documentation including course notes and technical data sheets, such as coating breakdown charts, surface area calculations, paint compatibility charts and other details.

The Diploma student must complete a comprehensive on-line training programme followed by various tutor marked assignments and then a final examination. On successful completion the student will be awarded a Diploma.

In collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, students awarded the Diploma can use it as part of the evidence offered in a portfolio for claiming Accredited Prior Learning (APL) against the University’s Partnership Programme work-based learning degrees.