New Noise Measurement Kits for Safety Officers

Cirrus Research Plc, award winning pioneers in acoustic technology, have introduced a new range of noise measurement kits for safety officers. These products are supplied in a durable case and designed to provide a complete ‘one kit suits all’ solution for the effective and accurate measurement of occupational and environment noise.

The Cirrus renowned doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeters have been combined with Sound Level Meters to provide the ideal range of ‘Safety Officers Noise Measurement kits’, which enable users to undertake thorough noise risk assessments. These kits can be tailored to individual requirements, with a range of standard kits also available.

Sound Level Meters chosen to accompany the doseBadge Noise Dosemeters can be selected to suit user requirements. The Sound Level Meter options vary from the CR:262, which provides a simple ‘point and press’ operation. This unit is the most popular with on-site Health and Safety Managers and displays all relevant information on one screen. For more sophisticated requirements, meters with data logging, download software or octave band frequency analysis call also be specified to help in identifying appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The CR:800B series of data logging meters are ideal for Occupational and Environmental measurements and have proved to be favoured by consultants, local governments and authorities together with the health and safety managers of larger companies. These users may also be involved in environmental monitoring, so that the choice of an appropriate CR:800B meter can help to reduce on-site operation, monitoring or download time.

These Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits are supplied complete with user manual, quick start guide, calibration certificates, sound level meter windshield, acoustic calibrator, batteries and power cables. Software is also supplied without licensing restrictions, essential for applications involving multi-site use, consultancy assessments or rental. Periodic software upgrades are available as FOC website downloads to ensure that reporting remains up-to-date.

As well as providing everything needed for a noise assessment, the kits are also backed-up with ongoing technical support and a new equipment warranty giving an initial 24 months warranty which can be extended up to 12 years providing the equipment is serviced and recalibrated annually.

UK Sales Manager, Gill Cussons comments, “These new Safety Officers’ Noise Measurement Kits provide health and safety professionals with a complete solution to cover every noise measurement problem. By combining the successful doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter with a range of different Sound Level Meters, we can offer a product for almost every budget and situation. These new kits contain the updated doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter which has the 2.1/2 hour charge system as well as the updated software for measurement download and reporting.” 

Further information available from:
Cirrus Research Plc, Acoustic House, Hunmanby, North Yorkshire  YO14 0PH 
Telephone: 0845 230 2434                
Fax: 01723 891742


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