New Ring-Terminal Thermistor Sensors

SeMitec have developed a new ring terminal surface-mounting sensor using the latest AP series NTC thermistor.


The new plastic/metal sensor is economically priced, has a fast response time and an improved di-electric, upto 1200VAC for 1 second.  The main features of this part are as follows:


R25 Values                           :               From 2kohms to 200kohms

Interchangeability                :               ±0.5K from 0°C~70°C

R25 Tolerance                     :               ±0.5%

B Value Tolerance               :               ±0.5%

Temperature Range           :               -60°C/+150°C


The standard part has 13mm solid leads (2.54mm pitch) suitable for p.c.b. mounting, but it can also be supplied with flying leads and connector if required.

Other all-metal versions are also available.

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