New rubber product revolutionises design options

Unrivalled durability and flexible design options are two of the main benefits of Metflex DFT (Dispersed Fibre Technology), an innovative new compound material created by leading rubber component manufacturer Metflex.

Metflex has been producing diaphragms made from a rubber coated woven fabric construction for almost 30 years.  Building on existing high standards and a wealth of experience, Metflex has been able to improve on the already exceptional quality of existing products to create an exciting and unique new product.  With 3 years of testing, Metflex has developed and trademarked Metflex DFT.
Instead of using a coated fabric sheet, restricting the diaphragm design to a single thickness throughout, DFT combines tried and tested rubber compounds with an even fibre distribution, perfected through 3 years of testing. The full make up of the material however remains a closely guarded secret.
The revolutionary DFT offers significant advantages over existing rubber coated fabric and has already proven itself as ideal for the Gas industry.  The new material allows manufacturers of Gas Pressure Regulators and Gas Meters to improve their performance and durability without the need for investment in new design. 
However the nature of DFT also opens up great possibilities for future design and further innovation.
3 dimensional designs
One of the main design benefits of DFT stems from its ability to be moulded.  With a coated fabric, typically the designer of a diaphragm has to shape or form the diaphragm.  If a gasket were required then this would be a separate item to be moulded or bonded on.  With for example a 0.2mm rubber coated fabric it is not possible to design three dimensionally and change the thickness. Metflex DFT materials have the advantage that wall thickness can be changed.  This gives it added benefits over conventional coated fabrics in allowing designers to take into account a third dimension and also removing any potential sealing issues with the allowance of an integrated gasket.
Better Flex performance and life
The technology also allows for better flex performance and life.  Where traditional woven constructions inhibit the rubber from being able to stretch and compress over the flex cycle, DFT allows the flex performance to much more closely resemble that of an un-reinforced product. This typically means that three to five times the expected lifespan of the product can be achieved.
While the DFT technology has proven itself in the gas industry, the number of applications for the technology is constantly increasing.  Metflex has already gained significant market in the US gas industry and is looking to appoint a sales agent in the US to expand the market and seek out other uses and applications.
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