New versatile digital IR thermometer with web browser or ethernet connectivity

SOLOnet is new generation of intelligent, web browser enabled digital infrared thermometers offering the user maximum flexibility and connectivity.

The new compact SOLOnet range from Land Instruments International gives unprecedented flexibility in the way infrared thermometers are set up, configured and monitored.

Incorporating digital technology, SOLOnet offers an integral web browser and Ethernet capability so that thermometers can be set up remotely from a computer – laptop, desktop PC – without the need for specialist software, and can be connected and monitored on a company wide network.

When set-up is completed the PC can be disconnected, leaving the thermometer to operate independently as a stand-alone instrument.

SOLOnet can be interrogated remotely at any time and from any location via its web/Ethernet interface unit using Internet Explorer, Netscape or other standard web browser.

For processes where many temperature measurements are required, multiple thermometers can be connected in many different wiring configurations.

Each thermometer is accessible by its unique IP address, providing an on-screen data collection and control centre, navigable using drop-down menus and other devices.

IntegralPeak Picker, Averager and Track and Hold functions are also user-configurable. There are two alarm outputs, which can be associated with any two of the five internally generated alarms.

The optics are fixed but field-changeable. They can be focused at 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm or infinity by changing the position of the lens holder and three spacers, which are colour-coded for ease of identification. Minimum target size at 250mm focus is 2.5mm diameter.

All have a durable sapphire protection window, making them suitable for light to medium industrial applications.

There are four models in the range, operating at wavelengths selected to suit a wide variety of applications: SN11 (1 micron) for measurement from 550 to1750°C (metals and glass); SN21 (1.6 microns) – 250 to1300°C (metals processing); SN51 (5 microns) – 200 to 1100°C (ideal for the glass industry); and SNR1 – 700 to 1750 °C (2-colour ratio).

Another feature of SOLOnet is the ability to set the temperature measurement span to as small as 50°C, within the working range of the thermometer, for a more precise output.

The thermometers and connectors are sealed to IP65 and are available with a full range of optional accessories to protect against extreme environments, including: air-or water-cooled and air-purged protection jacket, air purged mounting bracket and choice of 1-axis and 2-axis mounting brackets.

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