Nokia and Apple agreement settles patent dispute

Nokia has signed a patent license agreement with Apple that settles all patent litigation between the companies.

The agreement will result in the withdrawal by Nokia and Apple of their respective complaints to the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

In March 2011 Nokia filed a second complaint with the ITC, alleging that Apple infringes Nokia patents in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets and computers.

The seven Nokia patents in the March complaint relate to Nokia’s solutions being used by Apple to create features in its products in the areas of multi-tasking operating systems, data synchronisation, positioning, call quality and the use of Bluetooth accessories.

Nokia had also filed complaints in Wisconsin and Delaware alleging that Apple iPhone and iPad 3G products infringe five Nokia patents and that Apple’s iPhone infringes Nokia patents for GSM, UMTS and wireless LAN (WLAN) standards.

Further actions were brought in the UK High Court, Dusseldorf and Mannheim District Courts in Germany.

The financial structure of the agreement consists of a one-time payment payable by Apple and ongoing royalties to be paid by Apple to Nokia for the term of the agreement.