Nuclear build

Over 120 UK companies have attended a conference organised by Areva to learn about business opportunities that may arise from proposed nuclear new builds.

UK companies have been invited to bid for up to 70 per cent of the nuclear engineering components of new power stations that could eventually be built in the UK by Areva.

Areva’s EPRTM reactor is one of two being evaluated by the regulators for use in the UK.

‘Although we shall manufacture the main heavy components ourselves, that represents only some 30 per cent of the total nuclear island equipment by value.

‘The available market is some 70 per cent of the total,’ said Luc Oursel, president of Areva, who was speaking at a conference organised by Areva for potential suppliers.

‘Yes, we have current suppliers, but we need significantly more if we are to deliver our target of 30 per cent of the global new build programme.

‘The UK is in the first wave of a global new-build renaissance and UK suppliers can use this opportunity to open up global opportunities, to join Areva and start national, go global.’

More than 120 companies attended the meeting in Birmingham to hear Areva speakers spell out the standards required and the steps necessary to become accredited suppliers.

Oursel said that Areva estimated the UK new-build market to be in the region of 20-25GW, with the first wave of new builds being dictated by those developing sites early.

‘The first wave is likely to be some four to 10 EPRTM reactors,’ said Oursel.

‘This is a significant new build programme.

‘We expect EDF to construct some four Areva EPRTM reactors and we expect to construct up to six more.’

Didier David, Areva NP procurement director for new builds, said: ‘We have set up a dedicated website for potential suppliers to register at

‘We are asking interested companies to get in touch so we can evaluate them.

‘The criteria that will always prevail in the qualification are based above all on safety requirements fulfilment and also include quality, cost and ability to cope with the schedule of our projects.

‘We hope as many UK companies as possible will seize the opportunity.’