Offer in the wind

A Wiltshire man has been building a wind turbine for 20 years and is now looking for a graduate to help complete the project.

I am a retired mechanical engineer and over the past 20 years or so I have been building a wind turbine.

The machine is more than 90 per cent complete, but owing to my age and lack of resources it is unlikely to be finished. So I am hoping to find a young graduate mechanical engineer who would be interested in completing the project.

I propose to give the machine to anyone who is interested and who I think would be competent.

The machine is a horizontal axis, two-bladed design,12ft diameter swept disc, with 24ft tall tower.

I would welcome your suggestions to achieve a satisfactory ‘handover’.

J. Simmons



If anyone is interested in finding out more about Mr. Simmons’ project, please contact The Engineer Online and we will pass the enquiry on.