Office relocation

Oxford Technologies has relocated its offices to Abingdon in Oxfordshire following increased demand for the its remote-handling expertise.

The group, which was established in 2000, provides remote-handling services in nuclear fusion, space research, nuclear decommissioning and high-energy physics projects in the UK and Europe.

Existing projects include remote handling for the Joint European Torus (JET), development of the manipulator for the Mars Sample robotic vehicle and involvement in a European research project investigating the feasibility for transmutation of nuclear waste to reduce the long-term radioactivity of the material.

The company, which comprises 24 engineers, is expected to double in size over the next few years, following significant contract wins. The location in Abingdon is expected to have enough capacity to cater for the group’s expansion plans.

Alan Rolfe, managing director of Oxford Technologies, said: ‘The move to our new offices follows another year of continued growth as the company’s skills and technology remain in demand.

‘We want to establish a Centre of Excellence in remote handling here in Abingdon. It’s important that we continue to develop our remote-handling systems to meet the growing demand for the technology, particularly in fusion and high-energy physics,’ he added.