Parking charge

Romag Holdings and British Gas have signed an agreement that will see the two companies collaborate in the testing, marketing, distribution and installation of British Gas branded solar-power canopies.

British Gas will work with Romag to bring Romag’s PowerPark products into field trials and distribute the technology through its British Gas New Energy division.

Romag’s PowerPark is a solar car-parking canopy made of PowerGlaz PV panels and will be targeted at airport car parks, stations, supermarkets, shopping centres, offices and public buildings.

The canopies supply energy to electric vehicles that are recharging. Excess power can then be exported to the Grid.

The project is likely to demonstrate the feasibility of the recharging infrastructure required to support the manufacture of electric cars and should be beneficial to commercial organisations when the feed-in tariff is introduced in 2010.

‘We are delighted to be working with British Gas on this initiative, which will help to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to allow the UK to lead the way in electric vehicle technology,’ said Lyn Miles, chief executive of Romag. ‘British Gas’ involvement means that our unique and innovative product will be a market-leading offer as the era of electric transportation fast approaches.’