Pektron to supply green car systems

Electronics design manufacturer Pektron has announced a multi-million pound deal to supply zero-emission vehicle manufacturer Modec with a complete body electrical system and display electronics.

Modec’s pure electric delivery vehicle, which is quiet, pollution free and boasts a top speed of 80kph and a range in excess of 160km, goes into volume production this year.

The body electronic control system developed by Pektron incorporates all the vehicle access, lighting, safety and comfort features as well as high-level security. Critical driver information such as road speed, battery condition and regenerative braking efficiency is displayed on transflective TFT displays.

Pektron’s sales director John Potts said: ‘We have been investing in the development of renewable energy technology and we now have the opportunity to use our automotive resources in an innovative and creative new way. The challenge was to develop systems that would give all the feature content, comfort and reliability of a conventional vehicle with all the noise reduction and zero pollution benefits of an electric drivetrain.’