Philips devices for point of care

Philips and Biomérieux have signed an agreement to jointly develop fully automated handheld diagnostic devices that can be deployed at point of care in hospitals.

According to Philips, a product-development programme is underway and the first milestone is expected in 2010. As part of the agreement, Biomérieux will have access to Philips’ proprietary Magnotech technology for hospital-based point-of-care testing applications, a market that is said to be growing at 10 per cent a year.

Products resulting from the partnership will be co-branded by Philips and Biomérieux, with Biomérieux being the exclusive distributor worldwide. The two companies intend to have products on the market by 2013.

‘Philips is convinced that point-of-care testing in hospital critical-care settings will play a major part in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs,’ said Steve Rusckowski, executive vice president and chief executive officer, Philips Healthcare.