Philips offers sleep-analysis tools

Philips has expanded its portfolio of sleep-analysis tools with the acquisition of the Somnolyzer 24 x 7 automated scoring solutions business of the Siesta Group, for an undisclosed fee.

The Siesta Group is a Viennese research and clinical software company specialising in polysomnography-scoring (PSG) solutions for sleep centres.

PSG, also known as a sleep study, records brain waves, eye movements, muscle activity, heart rhythm and breathing during sleep and is used as a diagnostic tool in sleep medicine.

According to Philips, sleep-diagnostic testing is expected to continue to grow with increasing global awareness of sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

In developed markets, automated scoring technology is said to represent an opportunity to improve the productivity of sleep centres.

This automated scoring technology – software that is a diagnostic aid for sleep and respiratory disorders – can also enable sleep centres in emerging markets to cope with the challenges of increasing demand for sleep-diagnostic testing where sleep specialists are scarce.

The acquired business will become part of the sleep-diagnostics business within Philips Home Healthcare Solutions.

The research and clinical-trial-services business, which are not part of the acquisition, will be retained and continue under the Siesta Group based in Vienna.