Pneumatic valves switch to piezo

Hoerbiger-Origa has updated its pneumatic switching and regulating valves with several new versions added to the existing range; pilot-operated, in-line and manifold directional control, and NAMUR Interface.

The range is actuated by a new ‘P8’ piezo pneumatic pilot valve, which offers a number of advantages over conventional solenoid control. Switching power requirements is minimal and unlike a solenoid the switch is bi-stable, so needs far less power to hold it in position. This makes it ideal for explosion hazard environments in which any equipment capable of sparking is forbidden. The range is compatible with most leading interface modules (isolating amplifiers and barriers) and offers particular benefits for Ex fieldbus systems.

The piezo unit is far smaller and lighter than a solenoid and generates almost no waste heat and magnetic radiation. Switching time of the piezo element is effectively instantaneous which provides the pilot valve with an excellent response and with few moving parts exceptional reliability is ensured. 

The valves are available in 3/2 way, 5/2 way, 5/3 way mono-stable and bi-stable versions, with flow from 50 litres/min (P8) to 1300litres/min (G1/4) and pressures up to 8 bar. They are usable with both compressed air and nitrogen and in a temperature range for -25 deg C to +60 deg C. Connection options include G1/8, G1/4 and NAMUR, while power supply can be 4.5V, 30VDC or 1-23mA.

Protection class of the new P8 pilot operator is IP 65 and the range provides valves accredited to ATEX1G and ATEX 2GD for hazardous area applications.

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