Poll: How will the UK’s new emissions targets impact industry?

In this week’s poll we’re asking how readers of The Engineer think the UK’s ambitious new carbon emissions targets will impact industry.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to accelerate carbon emissions cuts by 15 years will commit the UK to one of the strongest legally binding emissions targets in the world.

Image: adobe.stock.com 

The new legally binding commitment will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78 per cent (compared to 1990 levels) by 2035. It will replace an earlier commitment to reduce emissions by at least 68 per cent.

The UK government claims  that the ambitious new target will enable the UK to take a position of global leadership on climate change and enable the UK to seize the new economic opportunities presented by green technologies.

However, whilst many have welcomed the government’s increasingly ambitious stance, the latest announcement has also been met with scepticism from a number of quarters. Some – including the current shadow business secretary Ed Miliband – have accused the government of failing to match rhetoric with reality, suggesting that it lacks a clear strategy for delivering on the new target. Others have suggested that many areas of the economy will be negatively impacted by a tightening of emissions targets.

In this week’s poll we’re asking how you think UK industry will be affected. Will the pressure and urgency generated by the new target help stimulate and drive the development of the green technologies that will be vital to achieve this transition? Will existing areas of industry be negatively affected by the move? Or perhaps you think that the plans are simply unachievable?

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