As part of the decommissioning project for Chapelcross Magnox Power Station, BNS Nuclear Services was commissioned to develop and construct a Graphite Handling system and awarded Power Jacks the contract to supply 50kn E series ball screw jacks as part of the application build. Power Jacks long standing history of supplying quality products on time and in budget was one of the many factors why Power Jacks was awarded the contract.

The Graphite Handling system was developed to retrieve graphite components, capping pieces and thermocouples from inside the reactors, crush them for size reduction and deposit them into shielded flasks. The machine itself houses 4 types of flask, each flask has differentials in the

thickness of its shielding. The material is deposited into the selected flask depending on its level of radioactivity. The Graphite Handling Machine makes this selection.

Power Jacks ball screw jacks were the ideal solution to raise and lower the flasks in operation and to operate the crushing jaws in the Crusher, as typical hydraulics were unsuitable for use in the machine.

In operation the Crusher and Twin Hoist unit are positioned over the reactor stand pipe. A grab is selected depending on the type of material to be removed. The grab is lowered through the Crusher into the reactor and a component is picked up. The Hoist is then raised and the component is deposited into the Crusher. The crusher is then taken to the flask filling station and connected to its supplies. The Crusher Jaws are then driven by three 50 kN screw jacks, supplied by Power Jacks complete with Bevel gearbox and Motor, to size reduce the component. The selected Flask is raised into the docking position by Two 50 kN long travel Screw Jacks supplied by Power Jacks complete with Bevel gearbox and Motor. The size reduced component is deposited into the flask and the flask is returned to its storage position.

The Power Jacks Group has been supplying products and a continuous after sales support services to BNS Services for over 38 years. This test of time acknowledges Power Jacks commitment to providing high level and excellent business standards to our clients both in the UK and overseas marketplace.

 “Our products are designed to meet a range of bespoke customer requirements and Power Jacks have always sought to be involved at the early stages of our project delivery during the design phase. Power Jacks active involvement at this stage of the project provides benefits to both BNS Nuclear Services and our clients.”

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