Power source selected

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has selected an engine for its new Mitsubishi Regional Jet that is greener and more economical than competing power sources.

Pratt & Whitney (P&W) has been selected by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to supply its geared turbofan engine to power the new Mitsubishi Regional Jet.

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a 70 to 90 passenger aircraft and MHI expects demand for about 5,000 aircraft over the next two decades.

In P&W’s geared turbofan engine, a gear system allows the engine’s fan to operate independent of the low-pressure compressor and turbine, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and a slower fan speed for less noise. Full scale engine testing is scheduled to begin later this year and flight-testing will take place in 2008.

‘We believe the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engine offers a technological breakthrough that will provide the best economy and performance for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet,’ commented Kazuo Tsukuda, President, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. ‘The MRJ will offer airline customers best in class fuel efficiency and environmental performance with superior cabin comfort.’