Printer breakthrough

HP has launched a new range of printers based on a new ink-based printing technology.

HP yesterday launched a range of printers based on a new ink-based printing technology.

These include what HP claims to be the world’s fastest home photo printers – 4 x 6” photos can be printed on them in as fast as 14 seconds – as well as the world’s fastest desktop colour business printer, which enables businesses to print up to twice the speed and at 30% lower cost-per-page than colour laser printers.

The printhead components on the new printers are fabricated as one unit using a photolithographic process, rather than welded together in post-production. This results in the precise alignment of the chamber, nozzles and heating element, which then improves the accuracy of ink drop placement.

The design also supports an increased density of nozzles, with 3,900 nozzles or more on a single printhead. More nozzles and increased dot placement equates to faster, high-quality prints.

Because the new technology is scalable, HP plans to use it to address the entire printing market, from high-volume consumer users and small to medium-size businesses all the way up to the commercial market.

New high-volume printers based on the new printhead technology include the Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer, the HP Photosmart 3000 All-in-One series and the Officejet Pro K550 Color Printer series.