Process of osmosis

Modern Water has made inroads into its Middle East target market with the announcement that it is to install a Manipulated Osmosis Desalination proving plant in Oman.

The Al Khaluf proving plant will be installed alongside an existing desalination plant, allowing Guilford-based Modern Water to demonstrate its technology next to traditional methods.

Modern Water’s Manipulated Osmosis process is targeted at the global desalination industry, where capital expenditure worldwide is expected to total $56.4bn (£31.4bn) by the end of 2015, according to Global Water Intelligence.

The Manipulated Osmosis process is expected to produce fresh water in challenging conditions, while reducing power, chemical and other operating costs. The technology is said to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional desalination methods by significantly reducing energy consumption and salt brine discharge.

In addition, Modern Water has produced the first fresh water from its desalination proving plant in Gibraltar. The plant, which is the first of its kind in the world, is located next to an existing desalination plant and also uses the Manipulated Osmosis process.