Qinetiq awarded Harrier contract

Qinetiq has been awarded a 10-year MoD contract worth almost £24m to provide through-life support for the entire Harrier aircraft fleet.

Qinetiq has been awarded an MoD contract worth almost £24m over the next 10-years by the Harrier Integrated Project Team (IPT) for through-life support of Harrier aircraft.

The IPT ensures the long-term availability and capability of the Harrier fleet. Under this contract Qinetiq will provide independent technical services and deliver a multi functional support programme designed to provide flexibility and value for money to MoD. Three key capability delivery and support areas include: independent T&E and flight-test services, capability assurance and technical capability support.

‘This order represents a significant step forward for us, both in the way MoD approaches through-life support and in the way Qinetiq is both perceived and develops long-term working partnerships with them,’ said Mary Carver, MD of Qinetiq’s iX Managed Services business.

‘This is a fantastic achievement for pan-Qinetiq teams,’ added Carver. ‘It further strengthens the technical support services work we provide to MoD and ensures continuation of our focus on delivering operational capability and value for money.’