Qinetiq signs with Andrew Corp

Qinetiq has signed a licensing deal with Andrew Corporation of Illinois USA that gives Andrew rights to manufacture and market a Qinetiq designed auto-aligning satellite antenna.

The Qinetiq solution is said to fully automate the set-up and alignment of the dish at any location.

Designed to provide data network and internet connections of up to 2Mbps for “stationary” mobile users, the 1.2m diameter reflector auto erects, acquires and locks onto the appropriate satellite signal.

Users operating in a remote location can access their company data networks via the high-speed datalink. A lower cost/specification unit based on a 90cm diameter reflector can also be supported using a common mount to meet the requirements for broader consumer applications.

Initial customers will include oil & gas, energy / utility services, highways, exploration or construction sectors, or indeed anyone needing to relocate their operational site on a regular basis.

Under the terms of the agreement, Andrew will manufacture and develop the physical design of the units. Qinetiq will continue to modify, enhance and licence out the electronics and software elements.

As part of the agreement Qinetiq will also be able to purchase and market units to a variety of sectors around the globe.

‘We are driving forward our military derived technology into the commercial market place and recognise that we need strong industry partners to achieve this, so this exciting new relationship is a positive step forward,’ explained Andrew Cheer, Commercial Director, Qinetiq Communications Division.