Rail weight reduction

ESR Technology today announced that it has been awarded research project T688 Technology Transfer for Reducing Vehicle Mass by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB).

The objective of this research project, which is being managed and funded by the RSSB Research and Development Programme, is to identify existing technologies that can be adopted by the UK rail industry to reduce the vehicle mass per passenger carried.

The sources of these potential technologies are said to exist within the UK rail sector, non-UK rail sectors worldwide and within other industrial sectors.

The research team will be led by ESR Technology’s Professor Simon Frost with support from Interfleet Technology. The report is due to be published towards the end of March 2007. It will provide the rail industry with a high level insight into the opportunities available for reducing vehicle mass by exploring improvements in design, manufacture, maintenance and operation.

‘This project will help the rail industry identify the opportunities available to reduce the vehicle mass per passenger and prioritise future development and research,’ said Dave Bull, ESR Technology’s Rail Business Development Manager. “This is an important part of the RSSB research programme into the sustainable development of the railway.’