Raytheon awarded $121 million

Raytheon has been awarded $121 million to supply US military vehicles with advanced night vision technology.

The defence technology specialists will equip 900 vehicles with detection and targeting systems based on advanced infrared technology that will improve operations in the dark or poor weather conditions. The company received $96 million to produce, install and support 416 Improved Thermal Sight Systems (ITSS) for the Corps’ Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV 25s) and $25 million in Firepower Enhancement Program (FEP) funds to outfit another 150 of their 403 M1A1 tanks with equivalent night vision systems.

LAV and tank gunners will use the compact new systems to target and shoot enemy platforms at safe distances. Both systems also support long-range reconnaissance missions, including precise location of distant targets.

Each ITSS contains a 2nd generation infrared imaging system, a laser rangefinder, an embedded fire control computer and a “far target” location system.

Raytheon anticipates that ITSS and FEP contract options, together with sales of ITSS to allied forces, could result in additional new orders valued at $200 million during the next few years.