Researchers develop heelless running shoe

A new concept in running shoes has been developed with the assistance of researchers at Staffordshire University.

The academics were key partners in the European-funded project to design and develop a heelless running shoe and to investigate the effect of such a shoe on running.

The university helped to secure developmental funding after working with chartered physiotherapist Adri Hartveld and his Stoke-on-Trent company Healus Technology, which prototyped the concept.

Staffordshire University professor of Clinical Biomechanics Nachi Chockalingam said: ’Staffordshire University led the mathematical and experimental modelling of the shoe, and will now be testing the performance of the heelless running shoe with women.’

Keen to establish itself as a leader in the field of running research, Staffordshire University is also looking for runners to volunteer to take part in a number of other research projects.

Prof Chockalingam added: ’We are looking to develop some baseline research in running and running styles, and we would like willing participants to contact us by emailing’