Roemheld Makes Light Work of Power Milling

Providing production and prototype engineering services to OEM companies across the off-road and power generation sectors is heavy work which quickly takes its toll on machining centres.  That is why Woolley -GMC specifies Roemheld Hilma DS125 double clamping vice systems for all its steel casting work as they know the vices can take the strain of power milling.

Chris Ward, Senior Process Engineer at Woolley -GMC, said:  “Some of our Roemheld vices are now four years old and have never needed replacement or repair.  In fact the machines wear out before the Roemheld vices do.  We tried other standard vices but the jaws just couldn’t hold the weight of the component and withstand the cutting forces being applied.”

Woolley -GMC specialise in producing engine backplates and manifolds along with components for fuel injection systems and pulley systems.  The company designs and makes its own fixtures in-house as all of its production is non-standard, pushing fixtures and vices to the limit.  They design and machine their own outsize jaws for use with the Roemheld vice systems.

Chris Ward said:  “ We operate a quality culture throughout the organisation, subcontractors and our 2nd Tier Supplier Base, based on our total commitment to customer satisfaction and our “Zero” defects philosophy.  By using Roemheld for all our double clamping vice systems, we know that they will support this commitment and deliver the quality we need as standard.”

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