Rolls-Royce expects aviation growth

Rolls-Royce has forecast continued growth in its aviation business, and that its engine market will be worth $110bn, over the next 20 years.

More specifically, the company predicted that 79,000 engines, worth $110bn, would be needed to meet a demand for 39,000 new business jet aircraft. Rolls-Royce also said that the market growth would be further stimulated by an increase in deliveries to non-USA markets and the introduction of new models.

‘The market continues to grow at a robust rate. It has also become more diverse in terms of geographic distribution and breadth of aircraft capability available. In response, Rolls-Royce will continue to invest in new products and services in order to maintain its leading position with business aircraft operators and manufacturers,’ said Alan Stiley, vice-president for marketing, corporate and regional engines at Rolls-Royce.

Of the 39,000 new business aircraft, 40 per cent are expected to be in the medium or large business jet category, representing 75 per cent in terms of value.

To strengthen its position in the market, Rolls-Royce is developing the BR725 engine for the Gulfstream G650, large-cabin, high-speed and long-range aircraft. In addition, it has launched the RB282 engine for the Dassault SMS, a new mid-sized business jet.

Other engines in the Rolls-Royce portfolio, supported by its CorporateCare engine maintenance and management programme, include the AE 3007, the Tay 611-8C and the BR710.