Servocell Announces Launch of “Ready To Go” Range of Cabinet Latch Systems

Servocell Group plc, the market leading developer of integrated access control systems, is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of self contained Cabinet Latch systems. The range, which has been developed as a direct response to the demands of the end user, provides an unobtrusive electronic lock mechanism for internal applications where previously the only viable solution was a mechanical lock.

The CL product, which is based around Servocell’s proven and patented “Active Latch” technology, is easily retrofitted into existing furniture as a standalone system with its own access control, and will shortly be available in versions that can connect to existing wired or wireless infrastructure. It will provide the security sector with a low powered, cost effective intelligent lock. The entry level offering provides key management, whilst the mid-range products offer the additional benefit of locally stored audit. Units connected to networks can be remotely actuated.

Measuring less than 12mm in thickness, the locks can be discreetly fitted to cabinet floors, or down the side of drawers. The technology within the locks has been tested to work reliably for at least 1M cycles.

Simon Powell CTO of Servocell commented: “We are delighted to introduce this new range of Cabinet Latch products. Our engineering team has worked hard to achieve a low profile lock that will suit the needs of display and storage applications. The compact size and integral electronics open up a wide variety of applications where current electronic solutions are too bulky and power hungry. 
In addition to this product we plan to introduce further developments that will allow our technology to provide a secure and reliable lock in almost any application”.

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