Gateways allow enhanced sensor functions to work within open bus networks in safety applications

SICK UK has launched new Gateways for the integration of equipment in PROFIsafe, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet TCP/IP and CANopen bus systems.


Engineers responsible for machine safety do not want solutions based on proprietary islands of automation, but open and inclusive concepts with a high level of sensor, controller and application competence, taking time-related and global dimensions into account – namely the entire machine life cycle and internationalisation.


The UE-EFI gateways feature bi-directional data exchange to permit the use of the enhanced sensor functions in SICK equipment, for example the switching of monitored fields in the case of safety laser scanners. The Gateways are connected via the Enhanced Function Interface (EFI) from SICK and are thus suitable for both standard and safe PLCs.

Equipment configuration, status and diagnostic information are instantly available from a human-machine interface (HMI), and remote maintenance of the safety systems leads to a considerable increase in plant availability.


A variety of devices can be connected, such as the S300 and S3000 safety laser scanners, the C4000 safety light curtain, the M4000 multiple light beam safety device, and UE440/UE470 compact safety controllers.


Users connecting a S3000 safety laser scanner or C4000/M4000 safety light curtains can have access to many more diagnostic and configuration options than they have with a standard safety relay.  If there is an existing Profibus, Ethernet or CANopen network, the diagnostics can be transmitted to the network via the gateway.


Diagnostic data and setup parameters may be viewed on a standard control network using SICK CDS software, which tracks data faults quicker and more efficiently, resulting in less machine down time and therefore saving money.


Another development is that of a Profisafe gateway.  With this device, the S3000 and C/M4000 devices mentioned above can be directly integrated to the safe network.  This saves the cost of a remote node. All gateways come with a GSD file, which allows customers to easily integrate the unit into their network architecture.


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