Siemens awarded €12 million

Siemens has received €12 million from SNC Lavalin, Québec, Canada, to supply and install a pumping station for a potable water project in Algeria.

The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) has received an order from SNC Lavalin, Québec, Canada, to supply and install a pumping station for a potable water project in Taksebt, Algeria.

The project includes the entire electrical and hydromechanical equipment as well as a glass fibre network for data transmission. The final customer is the state-owned Agence Nationale des Barrages (ANB). The contract is worth around €12 million and the new pumping station is scheduled to start operating in the summer of 2007.

On behalf of ANB, SNC Lavalin is building a water transfer system consisting of a water treatment plant with a daily capacity of 600,000 cubic metres, a pumping station in Taksebt, four water tunnels and a water pipeline.

In Taksebt, the water of an artificial lake which bears the same name and contains around 100 million cubic metres will be treated and transported along the 100 kilometre pipeline to the central Algerian coastal region from 2007 onwards. The installations will be used to supply the provinces Tizi Ouzou, Draâ Ben-Khedda and Boudouaou as well as the capital, Algiers.

Siemens is supplying and installing the electrical and hydromechanical equipment for the Taksebt pumping station. This includes all the high, medium and low-voltage power distribution systems for voltages between 60 kilovolts and 24 volts, the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, instrumentation and cabling as well as auxiliary equipment.

Six variable-speed motors each with an output of 1.25 megawatts will power the six pumps of the station. Each of the pumps will pump 1.4 cubic metres of water per second over a height difference of just under 60 metres. Pipes and valves with nominal widths of between 150 millimetres and 2200 millimetres are also part of the scope of supply, as well as two 10 bar pressure tanks, each with a volume of 60 cubic metres.

Siemens is also installing a one hundred kilometre long glass fibre data network. This will enable process and control information as well as voice and video data to be transferred between all the installations along the complete water transfer system, from the barrage in Taksebt to a storage reservoir near Algiers. The data transmission system is based on OTN (Open Transport Network) technology from Siemens, which was specially developed for industrial applications.

Siemens is also responsible for the engineering, installation and commissioning of all components and systems. Siemens Belgium will carry out the project.