Software predicts aircraft CO2 emissions

New software developed by a Manchester University academic can expertly predict the true level of CO2 emissions released by aircraft.

The software, which is called FLIGHT, was developed by Dr Antonio Filippone and is available for download from

Filippone, from the university’s school of mechanical, aerospace and civil engineering, said the carbon-emission estimates currently provided by the airline industry are far from realistic.

Currently, airlines underestimate the amount of dangerous CO2 emissions they release in the atmosphere by up to 100 per cent.

He said: ’Estimates do not account for factors such as climb and descent, and do not account for the actual aircraft load, as well as items including on-board services and bulk cargo. If an accurate method of calculating these emissions becomes available, the entire business would become more transparent.’

The FLIGHT software can also optimise the trajectories of aircraft for minimum fuel consumption, and can determine flight paths that avoid or minimise contrail formation as well as help reduce the noise around airports.