Solar car-parking

A parking canopy intended to provide solar power for electric vehicles has been unveiled by glass specialist Romag Holdings.

The design features existing PowerGlaz PV solar technology, with electric inverters built into the framework of a slanting canopy.

Lyn Miles, chief executive, said: ’We believe a car-parking canopy using solar-panel power is something that is truly multi-functional.’

She added that the panels will generate electricity that will either be used to charge electric vehicles, to power the building that its connected to or to be sold to the National Grid.

Following a commitment announced by EDF Energy last September to install electric-vehicle charging posts in the UK, Romag has signed a contract with regional development agency One North East to build two prototype ’PowerPark’ canopies that can be used in public car parks and on commercial properties.

According to Romag, each parking space is to have a 1.7kW capacity, equalling around 50 per cent of the energy needs of an average household. Despite the region’s lack of sunshine, Miles is confident the data will be sufficient to roll out the canopy throughout the rest of the UK following the introduction of the feed tariff in 2010.

Prototypes are scheduled for completion by the end of March with a launch in the UK market expected by June this year.

Ellie Zolfagharifard