Solid state sensor

Gentech has introduced a new magnetic position sensor which detects position displacements to tenths of a millimetre or less.

The sensor is an omnipolar – operates with a north or south pole – device and performs equally well on either pole.

Using magnetoresistive technology, the sensor measures very weak magnetic fields (15 Gauss typical) that enables it to be used at long sensing distances.

Gentech has developed two small and robust housings ideal for control and instrumentation applications. The PS747 is suitable for flush/surface mounting to a chassis and fully encapsulated in a Pocan housing, while the PS847 is a threaded barrel Nylon 6.6 housing for through panel fitting and adjusting towards the target.

Both are designed to give high resistance to mechanical stress.

The sensors operate with a supply voltage of 3.8V to 30V DC, with a supply current of 11mA and a maximum output current of 20mA. The operating temperature range is –20 to +85 degrees C.