Sourcing standards

BSI British Standards is to start work on developing standards that will assist organisations with responsible sourcing.

BSI British Standards will start work on developing standards that will assist organisations with responsible sourcing.

The work will initially focus on the responsible sourcing of construction products, before expanding into other sectors.

According to BSI, this work will draw on existing industry practice and knowledge, with the objective of providing a commonly agreed, widely applicable specification for responsible sourcing of all construction products.

Over the past two years, BSI has led the development of standards to provide organisations with guidance on how to translate the concepts of sustainability and corporate social responsibility into practical action.

BSI has also worked with a wide range of industry experts to develop standards to promote sustainability and innovation within the construction sector.

Colin Loveday, chairman of BSI’s advisory committee on construction products, said: ‘The country’s aspirations on issues such as sustainability can only be delivered if there are clear, transparent and reliable ways of measuring performance.

‘These measures need to be practical and also relevant to specific industry sectors.

‘I believe that this is best achieved through national and European standards.’

Jane Thornback of the Construction Products Association said: ‘The Construction Products Association has been extremely keen for a responsible sourcing framework standard to be introduced and have been engaged in this process for much of the year.

‘We are therefore delighted that BSI is proposing to work on this development, to cover all construction products.

‘Many companies in the industry have already put good working practices in place, or are doing so now, and they will want some recognition for this.’

To complement this new area of work, BSI British Standards is running a conference on sustainable procurement. Further details can be viewed here.