Spaceport Sweden and Qinetiq explore commercial spaceflight

Spaceport Sweden and Qinetiq have signed a strategic partnering agreement to identify, explore and exploit opportunities in commercial human spaceflight (CHSF).

Under the agreement, Spaceport Sweden and Qinetiq will initially use the Flight Physiological Centre (FPC) in Linköping, Sweden, to develop a preparation programme for CHSF passengers.

‘Spaceport Sweden is establishing commercial human spaceflights and Europe’s gateway to space and is proud to be partnering with Qinetiq to further our development and offering. Initially we will seek to develop and deliver a world-class spaceflight preparation programme together, where future space travellers will emerge prepared, confident and relaxed, ready to maximise their journey to space,’ said Karin Nilsdotter, chief executive officer of Spaceport Sweden, in a statement.

The FPC is said to house one of the world’s most advanced Dynamic Flight Simulators (DFS), combining a man-rated, long-arm centrifuge and flight simulator. 

The DFS provides a highly controllable environment in which CHSF passengers can experience the sustained periods of increased acceleration present during launch and re-entry and allows for the precise re-creation of the ‘G’ profiles generated by future commercial space vehicles.

‘Qinetiq seeks to capitalise on its extensive technical expertise and aerospace experience providing… services for the emerging commercial human spaceflight industry,’ said John Childs, business development, Qinetiq. ‘Spaceport Sweden is a key partner for us and our agreement a perfect fit between two pioneering organisations.’

Commercial space exploration technology could enable low-cost access to space for both tourists and scientists. Click here to read more.