Spain seeks to develop value chain for aviation biofuel

The Spanish government, Iberia Airlines and Airbus have signed an agreement to develop a complete Spanish ‘value chain’ for sustainable and renewable aviation biofuel for commercial use.

According to Airbus, the agreement backs initiatives to develop a complete biofuel production chain for Spanish aviation, using sustainable resources from production to consumption in commercial aviation.

‘Biofuels are a must for aviation to achieve our industry’s ambitious CO2 reduction targets,’ said Tom Enders, Airbus president and chief executive officer. ‘In fact, we believe that biofuels should primarily be reserved for aviation as our industry has no other viable alternative energy source.’

The value chain will bring together farmers, oil refiners and airlines to spearhead the commercialisation of sustainable biofuel production.

Phase one of the project involves a feasibility study, with phase two narrowing down the most promising solutions to a demonstration level. Phase three, from 2014 onwards, will look at the implementation and scaling up of production process.

‘All industry players, including governments, have a role in helping to reduce global CO2 emission levels,’ said Enders. ‘Airbus is supporting value chains to accelerate the commercialisation of aviation biofuels.’