Speed record breaker hopes to beat own record

Helen Loney, the current World Electric Water Speed
Record holder, will attempt to beat her own record of
68mph by over 30mph with the help of CMP Batteries.
Helen set the record in 2005 thanks to ‘Drysafe’ batteries
which employ the latest spiral-wou

The current World Electric Water Speed Record holder was on the Exide Technologies stand at IMHX 2007 with her new boat that hopes to smash the existing record. 25 year old Helen Loney will attempt to beat her own record of 68mph by over 30mph. With the help of CMP Batteries and the rest of the ‘Electric Record’ team, which includes her husband Chris, Helen will make the attempt on Coniston Water in November.

Helen reached an average 68.09 mph in 2005 in ‘An Stradag’ (Gaelic for ‘The Spark’). The hydroplane managed to reach such impressive speeds thanks to its ‘Drysafe’ batteries which employ the latest spiral-wound technology, where the acid is held in an absorbent mat. This offers maximum current, deep-cycling capability, minimal gassing and long service life. The cells are completely sealed, and will not leak if they are turned over. The same AGM technology will be used to power the new boat – which will also be a hydroplane design to help it reach such high speeds.

Helen commented, “An Stradag was a fantastic boat and held the record on two occasions. Engines and the batteries that drive the hydroplane have seen great improvements in recent years, but An Stradag was starting to show its limitations. Advances in design and materials mean that the new, specially-designed hydroplane will get the most out of the engines and batteries”.

Elaine McLeod, Marketing Communications Manager of CMP, which is part of the Exide Technologies Group, is a member of the record-breaking attempt team and comments, “Non-polluting power sources are gaining in popularity for applications that were previously the preserve of the internal combustion engine. Traction batteries are the power source of choice for materials handling equipment. Spiral wound batteries are ideal for providing a high current very quickly and their inclusion in high profile projects such as world record attempts showcases the power of batteries and dispels the myths that they are only suitable for sedentary scooters.”

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