Spin-out receives investment for carbon-capture technology

A Leeds University spin-out company that aims to reduce the UK’s carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions has received seed capital totalling £160,500 from the Finance for Business North East Technology Fund and the IP Group.

C-Capture, which is a spin-out from Leeds University’s School of Chemistry, has developed a technology that aims to capture CO2 from the flue-gas streams of coal-fired power stations and other power-generation sites, making coal a more environmentally acceptable energy source.

One important difference between the company’s technology and existing technologies for post-combustion capture is that C-Capture’s absorbents are amine free, while competitive systems make use of aqueous amine-based processes.

Christopher Rayner, a director of C-Capture, said: ’Without exception, power generators that use coal-fired power generation are getting ready to implement carbon-emission reduction technology as soon as feasible, and the UK should be looking to position itself as a technology leader in this field.’

The company will use the investment to locate its engineering operations at the Wilton Centre in Redcar, where it will build and operate a pre-pilot-scale solvent demonstrator rig. It will also retain a research base in the chemistry department at Leeds University.

C-Capture is also looking for chemistry and engineering recruits during its current expansion phase.