15m sensing range for narrow spaces or wide areas. The new ST4 safety single beam sensor allows you to connect up 6 sets of sensor heads to 1 controller, offering maximum flexibility in solving your safety applications.

For example, the ST4 can be used in small openings where light curtains cannot be installed and the sensor heads can be freely adjusted to make just about any area safe.
The ST4 sensor heads are compact, about the same size as general purpose photoelectric sensors, simplifying potential system switchovers. The sensor heads boast an IP67 degree of protection and can hence be used in environments where water splashes.
In addition to facilitating safety circuit designs, the exclusive control unit has several functions that enhance productivity, e.g. sensor head diagnosis and sophisticated yet easy muting control. ST4 sensor heads, muting sensors and muting lamps are connected directly to the controller, so that muting control circuits can be built easily.
The controller employs a PNP/NPN output switching for control and auxiliary output, which reduces the number of parts that need to be registered.
Key features:
• Series connection of 6 sets of sensors, with interference prevention
• Beam axis alignment and operation confirmation
• Compact sensor head
• Industry standard mounting pitch
• IP67 degree of protection
• Supports PNP and NPN polarities
• Connectors can be rapidly attached and removed
• Convenient terminal blocks at the controller
• Three muting control patterns

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