Stainless Steel Screw Jacks Key to Nuclear Gateway

The Drum Posting Equipment (DPE) is the gateway for the Dounreay Cementation Plant
Import/Export Facility, an extension to the Dounreay Cementation Plant (DCP) which was built in
2007. It is a waste transfer building connected to the DCP within the Fuel

JGC Engineering ensured reliable high quality products were used in the application. The product supplied by Power Jacks was the best solution due to the mechanical nature of the operation offering high reliability and control, whilst providing a low maintenance option, all of which were essential parameters of the build brief. The screw jacks used were stainless steel ESeries translating machine screw jacks type CE1810-1805-1 connected in series by a stainless steel drive shaft and geared couplings. The bespoke products/systems produced by JGC Engineering utilise external products when a particular project application dictates. Power Jacks competitive costs and simple access to product data, alongside a long working relationship, spanning over 15 years, contributed highly on the selection to use Power Jacks products for the build. Robbie Campbell of JGCEngineering, said “I felt that Power Jacks provided us with a high level of service on this project. From initial enquiry through to completion of the project, Power Jacks always provided efficient and professional support, offering advice and assistance when required. The screw jacks supplied have met all our expected designrequirements and contributed to the successful completion and commissioning of the overall project.”

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