Steel mill to receive Corus investment

Corus announced today that it is to invest £8m at a Scottish steel plant to help meet demand for heavy plate products.

The investment at the company’s Dalzell steel mill in Motherwell includes installing a new 3,500-tonne press and handling equipment, as well as an upgrade to the plant’s existing press and other manufacturing equipment.

Corus is also hiring 60 workers, with 11 being taken on in Dalzell and 49 at its nearby Clydebridge plant.

According to Corus, the £8m investment will more than double the plant’s capacity to produce heavy levelled plate, which is used in applications including foundations for offshore wind turbines, power plant construction and heavy machinery.

The recruitment at Dalzell and Clydebridge, which is already underway, follows an upturn in orders for specialist steel products, including in the oil and gas, power generation, mining and construction sectors. The new positions will be offered on a temporary basis but could be made permanent if market conditions improve.

Corus said it expects to further strengthen its Dalzell workforce when the new 3,500-tonne flattening press is commissioned next summer.