Sulphur scrubbing

Shell Global Solutions has bought 100 per cent equity of Cansolv Technologies, a provider of technologies designed to combat air pollution.

Cansolv, which operates out of Canada and China, has developed a research and development strategy to offer solutions for the control of contaminates such as sulphur dioxide (SO2).

It has also developed carbon capture technology for greenhouse gas reductions.

According to Shell, the CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing System effectively removes sulphur dioxide from combustion gases.

This can be used in industries such as oil refining, chemical processing, utilities and metals to help companies meet environmental standards.

Greg Lewin, president of Shell Global Solutions International, said: ‘Cansolv’s promising capabilities in CO2 capture will also allow us to further explore post-combustion carbon capture technology and solutions.

‘We must “learn by doing” to reduce costs, accelerate technology development and ultimately make carbon capture and storage commercially viable on the back of emissions trading schemes.’