Supercoolers remove 200Watts per slot

Rittal has introduced a new, extra powerful, radial fan for use in high availability and high performance rack-mounted electronic systems.

The hot-swappable blowers are only 1U in height and capable of moving up to 300 cubic metres of air per hour (180 cubic feet per minute).

Developed from the RiCool blower for CompactPCI applications, the Ricool II has 50% more throughput and almost double the static pressure at 70-75mm water, but with the same physical dimensions.

When used in two tiers at the top of an AdvancedTCA shelf, the RiCool II blowers can successfully keep the temperature within PICMG 3 guidelines, even in the event of one fan failing, and provide 200W/slot of cooling with an additional venturi induced flow for the rear transition modules.

Connected by a 30 Pin DIN 41612 connector, the radial fans have temperature and flame sensing, rotor protection, dual power input and response activation to failure signals sent by the system IPMC (Intelligent Peripheral Management Controller).