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A complete range of metal cleaning and surface treatment products.
High performance, cost effective and energy efficient - Safe for operators and the environment.

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply vapour degreasing solvents, other cleaning solvents and corrosion protection products which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied direct or through a qualified network of distributors in the UK and Europe.

Our products are used in the following industries:

  • Electronics and Electrical
  • Environmental
  • General Cleaning
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Marine and Maritime
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Motorsport
  • Power Generation
  • Railways and Automotive


ProSolv 5408e

Environmentally sustainable high performance vapour degreasing solvent

Zero ODP (ozone depletion) and GWP (global warming potential) - Sustainable and secure for the future. ProSolv®5408e solvent blend ticks all the boxes as it the perfect profile for a vapour degreasing solvent. Soft on the environment and safer for users. High performance, improved cleaning, lower costs.

Lower boiling point, economical with energy with low solvent losses, faster production, reduced costs, easy handling. Exceptionally low surface tension to penetrate micron sized holes and close contact surfaces. ProSolv®5408e is the perfect replacement for hazardous solvents such as trichloroethylene, nPB (n-propyl bromide), perchloroethylene or flammable solvents used in general engineering cleaning processes.


Advanced lubricant and corrosion protection compound

Specialist barrier film corrosion protection products, based on synthetic materials to provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly solutions to lubrication and corrosion problems.

SuperCORR A is a proprietary formulation containing extremely long lasting anticorrosion inhibitors, which also give superior lubrication coefficients and protects components against moisture. This unique, water displacing lubricant, with synthetic corrosion prevention compounds is tested and proven non-flammable and environmentally friendly, without sulphates, chlorides or other halogens.

EnSolv CC-A

Vapour degreasing solvent for precision metal cleaning

A methylene chloride based solvent with a unique blend of surfactants giving it a superior cleaning quality. This formulation builds on 30 years of experience supplying the EnSolv® range of powerful and reliable vapour degreasing solvents to industries worldwide.

EnSolv CC-A® responds to the need for high performance vapour degreasing solvents for critical cleaning in general engineering, aerospace, medical optical and electrical industries. Contains a proprietary blend of inhibitors and stabilisers for the solvents to prevent water staining and corrosion of yellow metals such as copper, brass and bronze which can be a problem with some other solvents. Removes oil, grease and soils fast.


High performance vapour degreasing solvent

A simple “drop-in” replacement for n-Propyl Bromide, Trichloroethylene and other chlorinated solvents. ProSolv® enables high performance cleaning at a lower cost than other solvent cleaners. A vapour degreasing solvent based on a proprietary tertiary azeotropic formulation.

ProSolv® is stable and simple to use meeting all the increasingly stringent legislative demands for safer, non-flammable solvents with a low environmental impact in the precision engineering industries.


Non-chlorinated Industrial solvent cleaners

Non chlorinated, industrial wipe, brush, dip and immersion cleaning solvents for removing dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants without causing harm or leaving residue.

Clarea® flammable and non-flammable degreasing solvents are used as parts washers in manufacturing and automotive industries or are used as wipe cleaners for large surface areas prior to painting or powder coating. A growing concern regarding environmental and health hazards of the most commonly used chlorinated solvents as industrial degreasing agents has led to the formulation of our range of safer cleaning solvents.

Aquus CL-One

General purpose industrial cleaning agent

A non-toxic, water based surfactant system which exhibits a combination of characteristics not found in any comparable commercially available system.

Aquus CL-One is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic at used concentrations and, unlike almost all other surfactant systems, is both hydrophilic (water attracting) and oleophobic (oil-repelling). Offers excellent emulsion-breaking capability in addition to its unusual combination of properties that makes it so attractive for such a broad range of industrial applications.

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All products are manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of qualified distributors in worldwide. We can supply Material Safety Data sheets, independent laboratory reports product samples and technical assistance. For more information or advice please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form.

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