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Force and torque specialist, Mecmesin, designs and manufactures affordable, reliable and accurate test measurement equipment to suit a wide range of applications and customer requirements. With almost limitless testing capability, Mecmesin test solutions can be found in the packaging, automotive, medical, plastic, electronic, sport and textile industries, to name but a few.

Operating under ISO 9001 quality standards, Mecmesin force and torque testers are used to guarantee the quality of components, materials and finished products, direct from the production line or within a QC laboratory. These checks help businesses maximise production and conform to international or in-house standards, whilst reducing the costs associated with excess wastage.

Mecmesin’s range of test equipment is an affordable way to measure force and torque to BS, DIN, ASTM and ISO standards, with measurements starting as low as 5gf (for our analogue gauges) up to 50kN (using our high capacity twin-column test frames). Products include:


  • Analogue force gauges
  • Digital force gauges
  • Manual tension and compression testers
  • Motorised force test systems
  • Touch screen console-controlled force test systems
  • Computer-controlled force test systems


  • Digital torque gauges
  • Manual digital torque testers
  • Motorised torque test systems
  • Touch screen console-controlled torque test systems
  • Computer-controlled torque test systems

Grips and fixtures available include compression plates, test hooks, wedge grips, claw-type grips, cam grips and flat-faced jaw grips.

As well as our standard products, Mecmesin application engineers can design and manufacture test solutions to meet the needs of unique applications with specific criteria.

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