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Oxford Creativity has been teaching TRIZ since 1999.  In the last twelve years the Oxford Creativity TRIZ teaching materials, examples, exercises and back up materials have been tested and refined to deliver fast, consistent results to major blue-chip companies including Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Borealis, Bentley, British Nuclear Group, HSBC and ABB.

Rolls-Royce in the UK is now self-sufficient in TRIZ after a two year programme with us. We trained over 600 Rolls-Royce engineers and introduced TRIZ to all levels of the company from shop floor to the board room. The UK Rolls-Royce TRIZ team are now introducing TRIZ to other parts of the company elsewhere in the world.

Oxford Creativity TRIZ training has been successful with a wide range of delegates from all parts of the world in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Finland.  We are acknowledged as the leading European TRIZ provider.

Oxford Creativity TRIZ Workshops and training are validated by The Institute of Mechanical Engineers whose logo appears on all our certificates.  Oxford Creativity exclusively provides all the Institute of Mechanical Engineers TRIZ Workshops (and has done since 1999).

We have made TRIZ as simple as possible but no simpler (as Einstein would say). We have tamed its complexity but kept its rigour. All its power, logic, designed in overlaps, creativity and thinking tools have been understood and captured in our programme to enable our clients to use them to maximum effect.

We encourage delegates to approach TRIZ primarily as a thinking tool that will enable them to get the most out of their own brain power, education and experience. Clarity of thought together with the TRIZ problem solving tools is what enables our clients to get stunning results every time.

We make learning TRIZ fun. Our workshops generate motivation, enthusiasm and excitement which not only contribute to the effectiveness of the problem solving but also encourage delegates to continue to use TRIZ in the future.

We are a small UK company that is tightly focussed on delivering what we do well.  We have a team of dedicated, excellent, experienced TRIZ trainers (engineers, scientists and a psychologist) – all good TRIZ practitioners, trainers and communicators: fun and clever people. This together with our TRIZ materials is our greatest strength. 

We are not just TRIZ experts, we are TRIZ enablers – we teach, guide, mentor, motivate and encourage. 

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