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Strem Chemicals UK has had a presence in the UK and Ireland for over twenty-five years. We distribute a wide range of high purity chemicals and specialty materials.  Our market sectors include the micro- electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our products include:

For the materials electronic industry, we have a wide range of MOCVD, CVD and ALD precursors and cylinders/bubblers. Many of these are licenced solely to Strem Inc.  In addition, we supply Nanomaterials (including nanoparticles that are reactant and surfactant-free) quantum dots and carbon nanomaterials (nanotubes, fibres, cones, CNT arrays, graphene)

For the   pharmaceutical industry we have key product lines, such as metal catalysts, ligands (especially phosphines), organometallics and N-heterocyclic carbenes for organic synthesis. More recently, Strem has introduced a line of biocatalysts, which include enzymes, enzyme carriers and a selection of biocatalyst kits for screening of various processes

Also include within the product range are high purity metals/materials (electronic grade up to five 9’s purity), inorganics, organometallics and ionic liquids. We offer green solutions such as non-metal and biocatalysts.

Our licensed technologies come royalty-free for R&D purposes and we have a QA system certified compliant to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Our clients include academic, industrial and governmental research laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses.

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