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Techni Measure are suppliers of strain gauges, transducers, potentiometers and pressure seals. Founded in 1971 and with ISO 9001 certification, we offer years of experience coupled with a quality service.

We stock a wide choice of strain gauges from the TML range and can offer advice on the best gauge to use for a particular application. There is also a very wide range of strain gauge transducers from simple load cells, to dedicated civil engineering sensors.

From the Dytran Instruments range we can again advise on and supply the most appropriate sensor. Piezo electric transducers are available for a variety of dynamic measurements including vibration, pressure and force, and there are also capacitive accelerometers for measurement down to 0Hz (DC).

From the Sakae range of precision potentiometers comes a low cost solution for displacement measurements, and from Schreiber Messtechnik comes a range of more rugged inductive displacements sensors. Capacitec supply a range of very accurate capacitive sensors for gap and non-contact displacement measurements.

MicroStrain offer a range of wireless and orientation products, as well as their unique miniature displacement sensors, and from Conax comes a range of temperature sensors and pressure seals.

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