Survey eyes more investment in manufacturing technologies

The past six months has seen investment stabilise or increase in manufacturing technologies, according to the latest survey from the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA).

Looking forward over the next six months, 35 per cent of respondents indicated investment would be higher or much higher in comparison to the previous six months, and only five per cent said investment would be lower or much lower, hinting at a positive start for 2011.

These results indicate that after a reduction in spending during 2009 and into 2010, businesses are looking to invest more to help reinvigorate the sector over the next two quarters.

The September survey also showed a high level of inquiries and, consequently, business confidence, following a seasonal dip over July and August.

Although invoiced sales were unchanged compared to the August results, the majority of respondents reported a month-on-month increase in orders in September.

Employment results were positive in September with almost 20 per cent of respondents reporting an increase in the number of people they employ, extending the run of this positive balance in employment to three months.