The Engineer’s Christmas Wish list

Senior reporter

With Christmas just around the corner and the high-street filled with frantic shoppers, The Engineer has rounded up its top 5 last-minute technology gift ideas.

1. The Seabreacher X Watercraft; £65,000

Inspired by the elegance of a dolphin and speed of a shark, the Seabreacher X Watercraft is an advanced submersible designed to perform acrobatic stunts. It boasts a 260hp supercharged engine, reaching a top speed of 50mph on the surface and 25mph below water. The custom tuned exhaust system gives the vessel a throaty growl as it tears across the surface. Other features include a snorkel mounted video camera, GPS navigation and an onboard stereo system with iPod docking. A must have for all would-be secret agents.

2. Bigtrak; £39.95

We’ve featured Cute Circuit for their M-Dress that doubles up as a mobile phone before. But the company has been exploring different avenues in wearable electronics. The Hug Shirt  allows people to send hugs over distances. Embedded with Bluetooth sensors that feel the strength of the touch, warmth and the heartrate of the sender, the top can send and receive a hug from someone wearing another Hug Shirt.

5. Moller Skycar M400X; £324,000

It’s just a matter of time before flying machines replace cars, claims Moller. And the company is planning to get ahead of the action with the world’s first and only feasible, personally affordable, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle. The Skycar M400X takes off much like a helicopter, but is also able to travel short distances on the ground as an automobile. It’s easy to fly- in fact a computer does all the flying- you just have to steer it in the direction you want it to go. A perfect gift to avoid the travel chaos.